Since its foundation in 2003, Trim GmbH has established itself worldwide as a reliable partner in the automotive, aeronautical and train industries. Our competent and highly-motivated team brings a diverse range of specialised knowledge to your project in order to deliver uncompromising results that meet your exact wishes. We work quickly and reliably to produce exactly the results specified by you.

We pride ourselves on delivering innovative and custom-made solutions not only in the automotive branch, but in other sectors too.

Our specialists in the areas of project coordination, sewing, cover development and foam modeling are standing by to help you. They provide precise handwork and technical competence whilst using the newest digital machinery to ensure your project is completed smoothly.

In April 2014, our company headquarters moved to Großmehring by Ingolstadt. Today, Trim GmbH
is represented in two locations, with a combined total of 1000 m² of floor space. We have numerous
high-tech machines at our disposal, including specialised sewing machines, airbag sewing machines, digitalisation, stencil plotters, multi-function cutters for CNC-controlled cutting and the newest 3D printers, all of which guarantees exactly the results you require.

We have been a certified company for prototype protection since 2011. Our high quality-standards are rigorously upheld in all aspects of our work.


If you have any questions,
please contact us on +49 8407 9397320
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